Dave Bova


Guitar player, composer and instructor drawing inspiration from different cultures, my music reflects a rich tapestry of sounds and moods.

The album Divina is a dynamic project showcasing progressive world music. Click My Bands for more information

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British Rock  – Kareela Sharks – 1 Bates Dr Kareela.  Sat Feb 20th 2021. Dinner & Show



British Rock  – Brass Monkey – 115 Cronulla Street.  Sat June 19th 2021. Dinner & Show




The album DIVINA can be downloaded through your usual outlets such as iTunes and CD baby.


The actual CD, personally signed,  can only be purchased directly from this site. Please use the link below for secure payment through PayPal. Cost per CD A$25.

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Tracks Listing:

1. Divina Comedia 12:02

2. Drawings 1:15

3. Faith 4:46

4. Conquistador 3:43

5. Walls of Jerusalem 8:28

6. Calm Before the Storm 5:39

7. Time Transition 9:08

7. Leonardo’s Cave 7:27